Time to open up a can of Victory on someone's ass.

Victory has all the caffeine jolt and flavor of the energy drink you drink now, but for only 99¢.
You save a buck fifty on every can you drain, leaving you cash to put gas in the dirt bike, buy paint balls or build a crazy ass skate rail on the back of your pick up. Then video what happens next:

That's Opening Up a Can of Victory.

Crap we'd rather spend money on than an energy drink.

Saving a buck fifty per energy drink adds up. Here's random crap bought by Victory drinkers with money they saved. Keep in mind, the more Victory you drink, the cooler the crap you can buy.

Guzzle-worthy flavors you'd gladly give $2.49 for, but cost just $0.99.

Lots of caffeine. Lots of flavor. Low, low price. Lots, lots, low, low. That's our mantra. You shouldn't have to break the bank to get a drink that tastes good.


A lemon-lime kick start to the head, our original flavor is a wicked-good balance of tang and sweet. The ratio of caffeine to sugar has been carefully formulated to deliver an endorphin rush that feels like hitting the end of a bungee cord or sticking a landing off a snow ramp, but with a lovely citrus bouquet and velvety texture. Enjoy.


In side-by-side taste tests ZERO kicked ass on microwave burritos, chili tots and nachos. Only bacon beat it. We mention this because, while ZERO tastes exactly like none of these (it's lemon-lime like our original flavor), it does taste delicious, give you energy and has no calories or fat. Which means it helps you maintain six-pack abs like no pork product can. Plus, it has enough caffeine to stop a mule's heart.

Fruit Punch

If FRUIT PUNCH climbed into a cage with a UFC champion, guess what would happen? The UFC champion would guzzle FRUIT PUNCH, slap his own face a couple of times and uncork a left hook with 24 to 31 percent more power than without FRUIT PUNCH. All while a beautiful chorus of exotic birds sing in his head and a Hawaiian taste explosion detonates in his mouth. Lanakila, eno!

Crap we'd rather spend money on than an energy drink.

Where can I find Victory?
If you live in Washington, Oregon, Montana or Idaho you're in luck. A 99¢ Victory is being chilled for you right now at a convenience store nearby. Coming soon: Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma. If it's not in your store, ask them to get it.
Who makes Victory?
No matter what you may have heard, it isn't six ninjas working out of a mobile RV lab in Eastern Montana, we can tell you that.
Does Victory have as much caffeine as leading energy drinks?
Our formula is secret. But let's just say that if guitar amplifiers ran on Victory, one can would make your ears bleed.
I noticed Panax Ginseng Extract in your ingredient list. What is it and what will it do to me if I drink it?
Good question. We'll look into that.
How can you sell your energy drink for just 99¢?
Really the question you should be asking is, "How can other companies sell their drink for $2.49?" You will definitely be asking that question if you conduct a side-by-side taste test, because Victory is actually better tasting and has the same caffeine jolt those fancy designer drinks do.
I ran out of gas on my way to Revelstoke Mountain. Can I use Victory to get me to the next gas station?
If you mean to pour into you so you have the energy to walk to the next gas station, absolutely. If you mean to pour into the tank of your car, you've probably had one too many Victory drinks already and need to sit quietly for 10 minutes then ask yourself the question again.
Is Victory a good cocktail mix?
If you're 21, definitely. Our favorite adult concoctions include the Victory Seven (Green Victory and Seagrams); Absolut Victory (Victory Zero and Absolut Citron); Victory Runner (Victory Fruit Punch and clear rum); and The Federale! (Green Victory, Cuervo and Triple Sec). All mixes are one part liquor to three parts Victory. Just remember to be responsible and designate a driver (for whom we suggest Green Victory on the rocks). Cheers!
VICTORY ENERGY, LLC. • P.O. Box 7248, Missoula, MT 59807 That's opening up a can of Victory